Application Process

1. Review church covenant and confession

2. Complete application form (click here)

3. Submit a resume by email to

4. Submit two letters of recommendation (one from a pastor)

  • These letters should speak to your character, experience, and skills, and should discuss both strengths and weaknesses. 
  • Please ask your references to state how long and in what relational capacity they have known you
  • If you are married, one of your two recommendation letters should be a letter from a pastor who can describe your marriage and speak to its suitability for ministry
  • This letter must be confidential and sent directly by the pastor via e-mail to

5. Send a high quality digital face photo to

6. Answer the following questions and submit to

  • How did you become a Christian? 
  • Describe the circumstance of your baptism (year, setting, officiant, church involvement, etc.)
  • How did you learn about the Faith Bible Church Internship? 
  • Describe the church you currently attend and your involvement. (Include your spouse, if applicable.)
  • What kind of service do you think God is leading you into? 
  • What dates do you prefer for an internship? (Fall or Spring/ Year) If your dates are flexible, please list your top three preferences. (Fall or Spring / Year)
  • Interns are not considered regular employees of Faith, so it is not our practice to provide health insurance. We expect each intern to purchase coverage for himself and his family. What plans do you have to provide coverage during your stay?