WHat is the INternship?

The Faith Bible Church Internship is a training environment in the context of regular, day-to-day ministerial life that equips men aspiring to be pastors with an ecclesiological and pastoral grid for doing the work of ministry. 

This internship exists to encourage and influence future pastors in their role in evangelical churches. It is not intended to be a “test” of one’s ministry call but rather to further strengthen those who are confident in God’s call to ministry. 

The course of study focuses on pastoral ministry and the local church. Reading, writing papers, discussing papers, and providing opportunities for service represent the primary means by which this is accomplished. In addition to the reading and writing assignments mentioned above, there is a strong observational and involvement component. The intern’s week will include mandatory attendance at staff meetings, elders meetings, all public services of the church, prayer times, intern discussions, weekly service reviews, internal accountability and supervision times, and any spontaneous meetings that arise in the course of a week. Membership covenant requirements are also expected. Interns will be given opportunities in Seminars and other scheduled events for the benefit of teaching preparation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the ideal candidate for an internship?

  • A man headed toward vocational ministry and already investing in seminary training. An individual who is in need of practical experience and is not committed to a ministry.

How long does an internship last?

  • Internships last for fourteen weeks
  • Internships take place twice a year

What is the compensation for interns?

  • Interns receive a stipend of $1100 per month for living expenses
  • Housing is normally provided for single/married men with no children
  • No vehicle is provided
  • Applicants are expected to provide their own health insurance

How does this fit in with my training in seminary?

  • Currently, this program has been approved for seminary credit through the Mentored Internship program at Southeastern Seminary in Wake Forest (3–9 credit hours).
  • Discussions are in process with the administration at the Master’s Seminary in Los Angeles (potentially substituting PM 511, 712, and two or three electives).