Care and counseling ministry

At Faith, we desire to foster a culture of discipleship, where members naturally care for other members through word, prayer and good deeds. In a fallen world, we expect things to go wrong, and to that end we often need help from others to sort things out. While every Christian has a responsibility to live in a loving and caring way toward others, we recognize that there are some who are especially gifted to help with life’s most difficult problems. While our pastoral staff are happy to meet with you, we have trained Care and Counseling Team Members who are glad to come alongside you as well.

The purpose of our Care and Counseling Ministry is:

  • To unleash the sufficient Word among the members of the congregation (Eph 4:15; 2 Tim 3:16)
  • To ensure all members in spiritual crisis or in need of remedial discipleship are being personally cared for (Col. 3:16; Rom 15:14) 
  • To increase confidence among the congregation in everyday counsel and care
  • To mobilize those inclined toward and interested in structured counseling or crisis care

We pray that this will be accomplished by:

  • Reinforcing a culture of care through sequential expository preaching, members’ meetings, Prayer Together and social media.
  • Promoting care in and through small groups
  • Providing targeted training events for those inclined toward or interested in providing spiritual care and structured counseling (i.e., general seminar or gender-specific seminar)
  • Providing structured, accountable, intentional, and gender-specific care for those in acute crisis under the oversight of the Pastor of Member Care
  • Recruiting care advocates and mentoring couples

Thanks for checking in...

It is a delight to minister here at Faith Bible Church. It is my privilege to work with a team that is passionate about care and counsel in the context of the local church. It would be our joy to help you if you are in need. Please contact me if you have any questions.